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Our Philosophy

The philosophy of our company and the way we have built our reputation over the years is Barba equals results; results that are the byproduct of creative solutions, intellectual honesty, and an unwavering commitment to excellence.  At Barba, we’re passionate about what we do.  We treat our clients’ objectives as our own, applying our experience, infusing it with our passion, and delivering creative solutions. Solutions that have assisted our clients in successfully delivering their construction programs, and resolving claims and disputes. We act aggressively to achieve our client’s objectives by tackling problems as they occur, by working to achieve negotiated settlements of claims and disputes whenever possible, and if settlement efforts breakdown, by ensuring that our analyses objectively support our clients’ position at trial.

Above all, we believe that our success lies in the success of our clients.  We derive great satisfaction from helping our clients succeed.  It’s this satisfaction coupled with the contagious enthusiasm we have for what we do that drives us to go above and beyond what is required, always reaching for that extra detail or new idea that can mean the difference between an adequate outcome and an excellent one.  This work ethic, combined with the results we have achieved for our clients, has produced the high volume of repeat and referral business we have enjoyed over the years.