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Our Senior Team

At Barba Consulting we truly recognize that our people are our most valuable asset.  Our personnel share a spirit of service and a dedication to achieving Successful Outcomes for our clients.  And, we all enjoy the fraternal relationship that makes working at Barba Consulting not only professionally rewarding, but enjoyable.  

When you work with Barba Consulting we delve into the project record in order to identify the facts necessary to thoroughly, objectively, and credibly support your position.  We meticulously evaluate issues in dispute, thoroughly document and substantiate our analyses, and then help to resolve your claim by persuasively presenting our findings, conclusions, and opinions.  

We are a passionate, talented, and collaborative team of highly experienced professionals who have had the honor of serving clients worldwide.  We possess a wealth of hands-on experience in design, construction, construction and project management, and claims and disputes resolution.  And, we stand ready to serve you.

Barba Senior Team Qualifications: