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Featured Contract Management Performance Reviews

  •  We were retained by the Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) to perform a Construction Management Performance Review in regard to the performance of the Construction Manager on the $2.5 billion Metro Red Line Segments 1 and 2.  The scope of work of the Review included a detailed examination of the Construction Manager’s contract with the MTA, as well as a review of the Construction Manager’s written Management Procedures to determine completeness, conformity to industry standards, and compliance with the requirements stated in the Construction Manager’s contract with the MTA.  A review of the implementation of these procedures, including quality assurance/quality control, daily inspection reporting and related functions, project schedule control, and change order evaluation was also performed in order to determine whether the Construction Manager had performed in accordance with its obligation to the MTA.  The findings and recommendations of the Review were accepted by the City Council and were likewise accepted, uncontested, by the Metro Red Line Construction Manager.


    • We were retained by the King County Auditor’s Office in Seattle, Washington to perform a Construction Management Audit in regard to the performance of King County’s Department of Metropolitan Services (Metro) on the $1.1 billion West Point and Renton Wastewater Treatment Facilities in Seattle, Washington.  The purpose of the Audit was to examine the procurement regulations, policies, and procedures used by Metro to manage large capital improvement projects; audit all phases of construction management and administration of the West Point and Renton Projects; compare Metro’s stated policies and practices to generally accepted industry practices and procedures; determine whether Metro’s practices were adequate to protect the owner’s interests, and recommend solutions for improving or correcting any deficiencies identified.  The findings and recommendations of the Audit, which were presented in a public hearing to the King County City Council, were accepted by both the City Council and the King County Executive’s Office, and were adopted for implementation on future construction programs.


  • We have performed several Contract Compliance and Contract Closeout audits for hotel / casino owners in Las Vegas and Atlantic City in regard to hotel / casino construction projects ranging in value from $25 to over $300 million.