Quality Assurance


Barba is recognized internationally for its abilities in developing and implementing comprehensive project control programs (including the development of CPM scheduling specifications, and project management controls and procedures); the effective use of critical path method (CPM) scheduling techniques in managing projects and analyzing delays; the evaluation of the impact of changes and delays on project performance; and its strengths in providing claims analysis, litigation support, and expert witness services.  The key members of Barba’s schedule analysis and program management team possess extensive claims / delay analysis experience across a broad range of projects and programs both domestically and internationally.  Barba performs this work for Government agencies, public and private owners, contractors, construction management organizations, and design firms.  This breadth of experience has allowed Barba to fully understand what it takes to effectively manage costs on an engagement and set up procedures to control those costs.

Over the past twenty-five (25) years, Barba has set up internal quality assurance and quality control processes which enable our multi-functional group of engineering employees and administrative staff to create and deliver high-quality work product while utilizing procedures to reduce the time and cost associated with delivering our work product.  Barba’s employees have a long history of working together, which increases the efficiency in the work we perform.  In this regard, Barba proposes to maximize the efficiency with which we will perform work with NAVSEA through the following:

  • Ability to communicate and integrate our work across different geographical locations, whether at our clients’ offices or from our home office through a variety of video conferencing and web-based services;
  • Participate in external training courses in the latest technology and software (including Microsoft Office Suite of products, Primavera “P3” and “P6”, Microsoft Project, Adobe, and other productivity-enhancing products),  to be up-to-date in the industry, minimizing any learning time;
  • Educate fellow Barba employees and other team members including subcontractors;
  • Effectively utilize the latest technology and software to maximize our efficiency and reduce time for specific tasks;
  • Focus on repeatable processes, including the use of report and graphic templates to present our findings;
  • Develop a working understanding of projects and procedures to take full advantage of the institutional knowledge gained;
  • Remain mindful of our goals and budgets by conducting periodic review meetings.  This enables us to minimize any cost or scheduling risks to NAVSEA and to realize cost savings through increased operational efficiency.
  • Implement lessons learned to adopt best practices, continual improvement, and cost savings for our work.

In our experience, the above-noted steps provide for effective program management and that implementing them will allow Barba to provide maximum cost savings to NAVSEA.