Empowering your People

Based on over three decades experience in engineering, construction and project management, and disputes resolution, we have developed a series of specialized Training and Seminar Programs designed to help your staff more effectively manage risk and uncertainty, control schedule and cost, avoid and mitigate claims, and resolve disputes: the keys to a Successful Outcome.


  • Baseline Schedule validation
  • CPM Schedule Development and Updating
  • Developing Work-around and Recovery Schedules
  • Prospective and Retrospective Time Impact Analysis
  • Differentiating Excusable, Compensable, and Inexcusable Delays
  • Loss of Productivity Analysis
  • Pricing Construction Damages


Our programs present practical project management, claims mitigation, and dispute resolution techniques in a dynamic, fast-paced environment that makes it fun to learn and empower your people by providing them with strategies and tools that can be immediately put into action.  And, by staying abreast of the latest case law, industry practices, and trends, we work to ensure that the techniques we present represent current “best practices” in construction and government contracting today. 

Learn more about our Course Instructor, Evans Barba