Course Instructor, Evans Barba

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Our programs are taught by our Chief Executive Officer, Evans Barba.  Mr. Barba is a highly sought-after speaker, who has taught construction and project management, and claims and disputes resolution-related programs internationally for over 30 years.  He is an accomplished instructor and entertaining teacher, who has a unique ability to motivate and energize an audience, maximizing knowledge transfer and group participation in the programs he presents.

During his many years as a speaker with Federal Publications, Inc. and Crown Eagle Communications, Inc., Mr. Barba maintained a 98% “Excellent” response rating based on the critique sheets completed by attendees at the end of the courses he has presented, making him one of Federal Publications and Crown Eagle Communications highest rated speakers in his field of expertise.

In order to portray the affect Mr. Barba has had on audiences, provided below are actual comments from a sampling of course critique sheets prepared by past  seminar attendees:

“Mr. Barba is a gifted teacher, whose enthusiasm for his subject enables him to convey a significant amount of information in a short and interesting time. He can really get the concepts across.”

“At last – help for owners.”

The clearest, most concise and tight presentation I’ve ever attended. Mr. Barba maintained my attention continuously (which has never before happened at any professional program or seminar) by his enthusiasm, and overwhelming knowledge.”

“High energy, rapid-fire information. Evans’ style forces concentration, and therefore, learning.”

“Fantastic. I have never attended a program this good or seen a speaker as knowledgeable as Mr. Barba. He should also consider being an entertainer.”

“Commanding; provocative.”

“Mr. Barba is a very dynamic and interesting lecturer. His experience and use of actual cases adds significantly to the course.” “Dynamic, good balance of humor and delivery of text.”

“Very articulate and knowledgeable. Willing to answer the questions in a clear and concise manner.”

“One of the best speakers I ever had in many seminars. Definitely energetic and holds attention – very knowledgeable.”

“Mr. Barba has a strong theoretical knowledge of scheduling, enhanced by an excellent practical experience background.”

“Tied theory into ‘real world’ practice with excellent examples – graphic and verbal.”

“Very knowledgeable about programming and scheduling in addition to legal knowledge.”

“Evans Barba is the Bruce Lee of construction documentation and delay claims. A walking arsenal.”

 “Enthusiasm in presentation was contagious. Knowledge of subject matters was excellent. Course definitely increased my skill level.” 

“Mr. Barba is an excellent instructor. He constantly related interesting examples into his lecture. He provides excellent material and suggestions to be used by owners and GCs. It is invaluable to learn from both sides and not just the government as is taught by other companies.”

“The best lecturer I’ve ever had. Knowledgeable, concise, and humorous.” 

“I have attended 20-25 COE courses and this has been far better than any other course. Instructor preparation, knowledge, and presentation exceeds any that I have encountered.” 

“Outstanding presentation. Made sense out of a complex & arcane subject. I wish I’d had this before problems arose. Lots of good preventative suggestions.” 

“Wonderful course/presentation. Evans is a pro. The information is invaluable to my work representing owners.”

“An absolutely dynamic speaker. Utilized his actions to make you feel as you would in the example situation.” 

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