Expert Witness Testimony

In a dispute involving technical issues; schedule delay and disruption; standards of practice in construction and project management; and economic damages, the decision by a client and its counsel regarding the selection of an expert to testify is central to achieving a Successful Outcome.

A command of the subject matter, credentials, professional experience, and the ability to translate and present complex claim issues and analyses in a clear, concise manner, in laymen’s terms, are essential characteristics of a testifying expert.  A testifying expert must also possess the poise and discipline to withstand the rigors of cross-examination.

Our testifying professionals possess these characteristics along with a wealth of hands-on experience in design, construction, construction and project management, and claims and disputes resolution. We are a passionate, talented, and collaborative team of highly experienced professionals who have had the honor of serving clients worldwide.  And, we stand ready to serve you.

Barba Consulting’s professionals have testified successfully on an extensive range of issues in various legal forums, including Federal and State courts; the U.S. Court of Federal Claims; the Civilian Board of Contract Appeals (CBCA); the Armed Services Board of Contract Appeals (ASBCA); the Department of Transportation Board of Contract Appeals (DOTBCA); before government and administrative boards; in mediation and arbitration, and before the International Chamber of Commerce.