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Knowledge Center

Articles and Publications

   A Critical Review of the AACEI Recommended Practice for Forensic Schedule Analysis, The Construction Lawyer,  
      Judah Lifschitz, Evans M. Barba,Alexis Lockshin, (Volume 29,Number 4, Fall 2009)

    Society of Construction Law, A View From Across The Pond: An American Perspective On The SCL Delay And  
      Disruption Protocol; Richard H. Lowe, Evans M. Barba and Gregory B. Lare (May 2007)

    Prospective and Retrospective Time Impact Analysis; Construction Briefings, Thomson West (2005), by Evans M. Barba

    Government Contract Early Completion Delay Claims, Construction Briefings, Federal Publications Inc. (1992),  
      by Evans M. Barba

    Liquidated Damages, Construction Briefings, Federal Publications, Inc. (1984), by Evans M. Barba

    Schedule Delay and Loss of Productivity Analysis (The Construction SuperConference, December 1996)

    A Schedule Delay Analysis Dilemma: What to Do? What to Do? (The Construction SuperConference,  
      December 1998)

    Delay and Time Extension Analysis Contract Requirements v. The Real World (The Construction SuperConference,  
      December 2002)


Industry Presentations

    2008 Construction SuperConference, Evans Barba’s Peer Review of AACE International Recommended Practice No.  

    2009 Construction SuperConference, Evans Barba’s “Report Card” on AACEI’s Recommended Practice No. 29R-03