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Program Management

Project Close Out

During the Project Close-out Phase Barba Consulting is a detail-oriented contract manager and auditor, working to ensure that all contractual, procedural, financial, and administrative aspects of project performance are properly brought to closure.  Our Project Close-out Services typically include closing-out any outstanding change order requests, reconciling and finalizing contractor progress payment applications, performing substantial and final completion reviews, finalizing the release of retention, compiling equipment warranty information, obtaining copies of all waiver of claim documents, and negotiating the settlement of any outstanding claims. 

During Project Close-out we have often been called upon by both public and private owners to perform Contract Management Performance Reviews / Audits, the purpose of which has been to evaluate and report upon the overall management and administration of projects; identify any deviations from contractual, management, administrative, payment, claim processing procedures, applicable public policies, and industry standards of practice; and make recommendations regarding changes or adjustments to existing practices, procedures, or policies to avoid future problems.