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Program Management

Project Execution

During the Project Execution Phase, we provide a complete range of services designed to ensure that planning phase requirements are translated into execution phase practices that aren’t abandoned in the face of difficult situations, and that all parties perform their duties in accordance with their respective contract and procedural obligations.

Project Oversight

Acting as an extension of our clients’ staff, our on-site professionals turn contract requirements and procedures into working tools to successfully control the work. Initially we ensure that a baseline schedule is established.  Thereafter, we systematically monitor actual versus planned performance, update the schedule for progress achieved and delays experienced, timely resolve time extension requests, and ensure the schedule remains a viable management tool throughout the course of construction.

We have also demonstrated the ability to mitigate delays and minimize costs by developing work-around schedules to prevent impacts in one area from affecting all areas of the project. And, by proactively resolving problems at the earliest possible time, we help keep them from turning into large claims and disputes.  Our oversight services include:

  • CPM Schedule Development
  • Baseline Schedule Validation
  • Project Schedule Updating and Cost Control
  • Work-around and Recovery Schedule Development
  • Contract Administration
  • Cost Estimating
  • Change Order Management and Pricing
  • Time Impact Analysis
  • Claims Analysis and resolution
  • Management Information Systems
  • Contract Management Support

We understand the risk and uncertainty in the construction process.  We also recognize that the key to successfully mitigating risk and uncertainty is to (i) anticipate predictable problems and establish means to avoid them, and (ii) recognize unanticipated problems as soon as possible and take action to resolve them.  That’s where we come in.  And, that‘s how we help achieve Successful Outcomes for our clients.

Problems During Construction? We can help put your job back on track

We’re often brought into projects in distress, where defective plans and specifications, differing conditions, allegations of mismanagement, excessive change orders, unresolved requests for time extension, and countless other factors have significantly delayed and disrupted the performance of the work.  In such situations, the project participants have typically “retreated to the corners” in preparation for the inevitable race to the courthouse steps at the end of the job.

Performing an initial Project Status Assessment over the course of a week to a few weeks, we can provide you with an objective assessment of your project’s status from a contractual, schedule, and cost standpoint; pinpoint the sources of problems, and recommend specific remedial actions to re-establish project momentum, and put your job back on track. 

Thereafter, we assist in resolving outstanding changes and claims, developing project completion schedules, and implementing completion strategies.  Moreover, working closely with our clients and their counsel we establish protocols for resolving outstanding change orders and claims, taking these matters out of the hands of client personnel responsible for day-to-day management of the work, enabling them to focus their full attention on project completion.