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Program Management

Project Planning

Using the foresight developed through our extensive experience in the analysis and resolution of claims and disputes on major construction programs, we provide a full range of Project Planning Services that have enabled our clients to more effectively manage risk and uncertainty, avoid many problems and claims completely, and resolve those that did arise in a more timely, cost effective manner.  We have provided these services on public and private projects ranging from major construction and defense programs to Superfund sites

Our Project Planning Services target four areas that are critical to successful project completion, including:

  • Contracts: The Rules of the Game

Contracts establish the rules for everyone on the construction team to follow.  Consistent with our clients contracting policy and risk philosophy, we work closely with our clients and their counsel to develop contracts that clearly allocate risk in accordance with the clients’ intent; detail project schedule, cost control, and change order management requirements and procedures; and delineate the duties and obligations of the parties in implementing those requirements. We accomplish this through the enhancement of existing contracts or the preparation of new ones.

  • Procedures: Transforming Contract Requirements into Project Management Practices

In order to ensure that contract requirements are carried out, we prepare project-specific Procedures Manuals that serve as a performance roadmap for project personnel. These manuals clearly define organizational relationships and responsibilities, detail the steps to be taken in implementing contract requirements, and provide sample letters and forms for use in administering the contract.

  • Contract Bid Document Review: Eliminating changes, problems, and delays at their source

Errors, omissions, inconsistencies, and ambiguities in contract documents are a major source of claims and disputes. Effective claims mitigation depends on eliminating as many of these problems as possible. By performing a constructability and claims mitigation review of bid documents prior to issuance for bid, our professionals eliminate problems at their source.  This includes a thorough examination and cross-checking of front-end requirements, contract terms, plans and specifications, to ensure that contract and construction documents are clear in their intent, buildable at a reasonable cost and within a reasonable time.

  • Training: Empowering your staff

To ensure that project personnel fully understand and consistently implement contract requirements and procedures, we provide customized in-house training programs.  These programs typically include instruction in project management, critical path method (CPM) scheduling and time impact analysis, and focus on a particular projects’ contract and procedural requirements, duties of each staff member, and methods of avoiding potential problems.