Representative Projects – Environmental

  • Black Point Area Sewers & Wastewater Pumping Station 
  • Blue Plains Wastewater Treatment Plant, Chlorination/ Dechlorination Facility
  • City of Brunswick Wastewater Treatment Plant
  • City of Modesto Wastewater Treatment Plant Expansion
  • City of Pueblo Wastewater Treatment Plant
  • City of Waterbury Water Treatment Plant
  • Cicero Sanitary District Town South Trunk Sewer
  • Combe Fill South Landfill Project
  • Cortland County Landfill, Westside Extension
  • Knoxville/New Addition Wastewater Conveyance System
  • Lehigh County Industrial Wastewater Pretreatment Facility 
  • Mongstad Sulfur Recovery Unit
  • Pequannock Water Treatment Facilities
  • Porter Solid Waste Transfer Station
  • Proctor Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant
  • Rapid Infiltration Effluent Disposal Systems. Phases I & 2
  • Typical Waste-to-Energy Facilities
  • Ute Water Treatment Plant
  • Village of Lancaster Sanitary Relief Sewer
  • Wastewater Treatment Plant Expansion
  • Waurika Water Conveyance Facilities
  • Water Treatment Plant
  • Belmont & Southport Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plants
  • Bridgeport Trumbull Interceptor
  • Camden Preliminary Treatment Facility
  • Church Street Drainage Repair
  • City of Milford Wastewater Treatment Facility
  • Crosstown Interceptor Tunnel
  • CT-l Tunnel 
  • CT-8 Tunnel
  • Deer Island Wastewater Treatment Plant
  • East Lee County Sewer System & Road Reconstruction
  • English Channel Tunnel
  • Fitchburg Wastewater Treatment Plants
  • Fort Lyons Wastewater Treatment Plant
  • Fort Myers Central Sewer System
  • Henry Graham Drain 
  • lona-MeGregor Effluent Conveyance & Disposal System
  • Kinnickinnic/Lake Michigan Tunnel System
  • Landis Wastewater Treatment Plant
  • Lowell Interceptor Sewer
  • Milwaukee Water Pollution Abatement Program
  • Monroe County Sanitary Sewer
  • Mount Holly Sewage Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant
  • Newport Marine Combined Sewer Outfall
  • Niagara Falls Wastewater Treatment Plant
  • North Shore Inline Tunnel
  • North Shore Phase IIA Tunnel
  • Penn Township-York Co. Wastewater Treatment Facility
  • Playas Hydroelectric Project
  • Point Pleasant Pumping Station
  • Pond Creek Interceptor 
  • Pumping Station 
  • Rockland County Wastewater Treatment Plant
  • Shades Valley Transfer Interceptor
  • South Essex Water Pollution Control Plant
  • Stockton Main Water Quality Control Plant
  • Strongsville Wastewater Treatment Plant
  • Suffolk County Sewer
  • Tertiary Water Treatment Facilities
  • Texarkana Wastewater Treatment Plant
  • Three Rivers Tunnel
  • Union Hill and Tallman Pumping Stations 
  • Wastewater Treatment Plant
  • Webster Wastewater Treatment Plant 
  • Wellfield Water Collector Pipeline
  • York River Wastewater Treatment Plant 
  • Long Island Sound, CT
    Washington, DC
    Brunswick, GA
    Modesto, CA
    Pueblo, CO
    Waterbury, CT
    Cicero, NY
    Chester Township, NJ
    Cortland County, NY
    Frederick County, MD
    Upper Macungie, PA
    Mongstad, Norway
    West Milford, NJ
    Orange County, FL
    Chesterfield County, VA
    Orange County, FL
    Pittsburgh, PA
    Grand Junction, CO
    Lancaster, NY
    Albuquerque, NM
    Waurika Lake, OK
    Denver, CO
    Indianapolis, IN
    Bridgeport, CT
    Camden, NJ
    Saratoga Springs, NY
    Milford, CT
    Milwaukee, WI
    Milwaukee, WI
    Milwaukee, WI
    Deer Island, MA
    Lee County, FL
    England, France
    Fitchburg, MA
    Fort Lyons, CO
    Lee County, FL
    Oakland County, MI
    Fort Myers, FL
    Milwaukee, WI
    Landis Vineland, NJ
    Lowell, MA
    Milwaukee, WI
    Monroe County, LA
    Mount Holly, NJ
    Jersey City, NJ
    Niagara Falls, NY
    Milwaukee, WI
    Milwaukee, WI
    Hanover, PA
    Medellin, Colombia
    Point Pleasant, PA
    Louisville, KY
    New Haven, CT
    Rockland County, NY
    Jefferson County, AL
    Salem, MA
    Stockton, CA
    Strongsville, OH
    Suffolk County, NY
    Stockton, CA
    Texarkana, TX
    Atlanta, GA
    Orangeburg, NY
    Khorramabad, Iran
    Webster, MA
    Irvine, CA
    Hampton Roads, VA