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Featured Successful Outcomes

We served as the Program Management Consultant for three major capital construction programs for the Jefferson County Board of County Commissioners in Golden, Colorado, including construction of a $35 million Detention Facility, an $11 million Human Services Building, and a $60 million Courthouse.  Our services included the development of the Owner/Contractor Form of Agreement, and General and Supplementary Conditions of Contract that were used  on each of these projects; performance of a claims mitigation review of the projects’ bid documents prior to putting them out for bid; development of comprehensive project management procedures that were utilized by the Owner’s project team in managing the various projects; and training of client personnel in claims avoidance and critical path method scheduling.  Additional services included the review and evaluation of contractor bids; on-site project management efforts that included implementing the comprehensive project controls requirements prescribed in the various contracts; change order pricing and time extension analysis; assistance in the administration of the Architect’s Contract (that included setting priorities with respect to the review and return of shop drawings and submittals, and response to Contractor RFIs); and providing oversight of the performance of the Owner, Contractor(s), and Architect(s) in terms of ensuring that each of the parties carried out their obligations in accordance with the terms of their respective contracts.  All three programs were completed on-time (as adjusted for approved time extensions), within budget and were closed-out successfully.        

An Atlantic City Hotel / Casino Developer wanted a $24 Million renovation and expansion project completed in time for the tourist season.  With the project running behind schedule and millions of dollars over budget, the developer retained us to evaluate the causes of the delays and cost overruns in the work.  Subsequently, the developer filed a $14.5 Million net Arbitration claim against the construction manager on the project for failure to timely perform the work.  In support of the developer’s counsel, we performed a comprehensive schedule delay analysis evaluating the causes of and responsibility for the delay in the work, and evaluated the performance of the construction manager and its position regarding delays it alleged were the responsibility of the developer.  We also offered expert testimony in arbitration relative to our findings that the construction manager had failed to perform its management obligations in accordance with standards of practice in the industry.  Our expert testimony and report were pivotal factors in turning the case in the developer’s favor.  Our client was awarded $14 Million in damages; almost 100% of the amount claimed.         

We were retained by the Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) to perform a Construction Management Performance Review in regard to the performance of the Construction Manager on the $2.5 billion Metro Red Line Segments 1 and 2.  The scope of work of the Review included a detailed examination of the Construction Manager’s contract with the MTA, as well as a review of the Construction Manager’s written Management Procedures to determine completeness, conformity to industry standards, and compliance with the requirements stated in the Construction Manager’s contract with the MTA.  A review of the implementation of these procedures, including quality assurance/quality control, daily inspection reporting and related functions, project schedule control, and change order evaluation was also performed in order to determine whether the Construction Manager had performed in accordance with its obligation to the MTA.  The findings and recommendations of the Review were accepted by the City Council and were likewise accepted, uncontested, by the Metro Red Line Construction Manager.